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welcome in our Vineyard

A glas wine a day keeps the doctor away !

English page, Welcome!

Amidst the beautiful landscape of Voorne-Putten at only a short distance (2.5 km) from the harbour of Rotterdam, the ‘Domein de Vier Ambachten’ vineyard is located in the Biert polder. Situated in a unique setting at the waterfront, it has a panoramic view over the polders. Sitting in the vineyard’s garden you imagine yourself on an Italian terrace at the Italian Lake Garda.

You can enjoy one of the many wine varieties produced at the vineyard while sitting under the pear, lemon, fig or olive trees of dozens of years old. 

Nowadays there are 5 red, 4 white, 1 rosé, 2 dessert, 4 port and 3 sparkling wine varieties. Brandies are also produced: drinks comparable to grappa, calvados or cognac, and furthermore several liqueurs such as red-wine liqueur, winter liqueur and plum liqueur.

If you are in the Netherlands, it is certainly worthwhile visiting this vineyard. In the summer time you can see dozens of flowers bloom, such as oleanders, bougainvilleas, roses and hibiscus, and many Mediterranean herbs like lavender, thyme and rosemary.

At the moment there are more than 500 different grape varieties, selections and rootstocks in the vineyard. The varieties are tested for their ability to grow under the Dutch circumstances and their sensitivity to illnesses. Other aspects that are tested are the ripening, viability and growth cycle, the fruit quality and, of course, the quality of the wine.

The vineyard’s viticulturalists have explored several ways to prune and lead the vines in order to achieve the best results and to establish how work can be done most efficiently. To keep the vine healthy, several viticultural practices and protection measures have been applied, but only those that are strictly biological and environmentally friendly. The soil beneath the vines is covered with a great variety of herbs which keep the soil light. Allowing the herbs to flower gives the benefit of attracting useful insects that help controlling pests. In this way it is unnecessary to use pesticides. We grow the grapes and make the wines according to the guidelines of the biological and bio part dymanische viticulture.

Besides grapes we grow cider apples, there are about 6
0 varieties. Especially French and English but also several old Dutch varieties. We make a English type ciderl with a higher alc. % than French ciders. In the future we will also make single variety cider and a rosé cider made from special varieties with red flesh.

Furthermore you will find a large selection of fig trees, more than 35 varieties, pears plums, cherries, various berries and various citrus fruits, lots of wild berries, herbs and flowers.

The vineyard is surrounded by high tree hedges to shield off the cold wind, wich creates a suitable climate for the grapes . On a warm summer’s day, temperatures may rise to 40°C and higher. Branches have been put along the hedges to offer an ecological corridor protecting all sorts of animals and birds. The vineyard is situated in a former creek called “Oosterijk” which was an inlet of the sea many years ago. This tidal water channel has over the years formed a thick layer of sand and shells, covered with a layer of fertile light clay: perfect for grapes! The remnant of the creek covers a surface of 20 hectares. It is warmed up by the sun during the summer and this warmth is given off again during harvest in the autumn; one of many ways to help improve the ripening process. An advantage offered by the sea climate is the number of sun hours, which is significantly higher than elsewhere in the Netherlands. An excellent climate for the growing of grapes! 

We offer English guided tours and wine tastings

In the future, you can sleep overnight in the vineyard, in large wooden barrels or in nice cabins, we offer B & B and self catering. We're going to organise weekend workshops art and gardening combined with sleeping in the vineyard

We are happy to welcome you as a member of a select group of lovers of our delicious Dutch wines.

For further information contact us , send an email

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